EAS system processes

They are used in nurseries, greenhouses, botanical research facilities and any place where the types of trees on young seedlings may not be immediately apparent. The fast and efficient linkage with other sites is supported by more than 400 component interfaces within the solution.They serve as little name tags to the types of growing things that are being cultivated prior to resale to the general public.The existing control centers at the above mentioned Evonik sites have security subsystems that have grown significantly in number and scope over the years and required multiple user interfaces. The new system from Intergraph will integrate these diverse systems into a common operating picture with a single interface, significantly relieving the dispatcher workload through standardized operating processes both in daily operations and in emergency situations.
The Intergraph solution supports the complete range of control center tasks, bringing together all physical security systems (fire, burglary, gas detectors, access control, guard systems and others), building technology systems, cameras, communication systems and alerting and notification systems into one unified platform. The new system enables tasks to be handled consistently, safely and quickly.The control centers of Evonik are networked across different locations, so that individual incidents can be managed collaboratively by dispatchers at the various sites.
EAS system
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