how BB Cream was born

Let me give a little history on how BB Cream was born. When BB cream was originally formulated in the 1960s in Germany to protect patients skin after surgery, it was introduced to South Korea and Japan where healthy-looking, porcelain skin is heavily prized. The cream was hailed as "the secret of Korean actresses," and was heavily endorsed by Korean celebrities. We know that American BB Creams have just been discovered and acts like a tinted moisturizer but the Korean cosmetics industry took the idea and ran with it creating a cream that has several skin benefits such as SPF, whitening, anti-wrinkle, and nutrients to help improve the health of your BB cream is promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It can be worn alone as a tinted moisturizer, over serum and moisturizer as a regular foundation, and under powder, depending on the desired amount of coverage